21 July 2017

Rock School band Jutbina wins an award at the Rock per Rock competition

Jutbina (from left to right): Leotrim, Aron, Lekë, Dren, Egzon

Jutbina was formed in 2013, with lead singer Lekë - who is also a member of one of our mixed bands High Frequency as a bass player - and he was the one who came up with the band name, being inspired by some sort of mythology. Besides being the lead singer, Lekë was the initial bass player of Jutbina for a long time, until the band was joined by Dren as a bass player, who is known as one of the best guitarists of the Rock School and is a part of the staff as a junior guitar teacher and administrative assistant. Other band members include Leotrim (guitar), Egzon (guitar) and Aron (Drums) – also part of the Rock School.

Being determined and hard-working, Jutbina started playing various festivals, and last year they recorded their debut album „Xhungel Urbane“, which in translation means „Urban Jungle“ and is inspired by their hometown Kosovo and how its complicated situation affects the general life there. Their success led them to winning an award at a competition in Rock per Rock. The competition also included bands from Pristina, Macedonia and Albania.

We congratulate Jutbina for this very much deserved award and we are looking forward to their continued success!

Jutbina on social media: YouTube    Facebook   Instagram 

22 June 2017

World Wide Music Day Benefit Concert at Hamam Jazz Bar

After a week of hard work from our mixed bands and coaches (you can read about the training week here), we can proudly say that the closing concert at Hamam Jazz Bar in Pristina, on June 17th, was a great success! After traveling safely from Mitrovica, our teachers set up the stage, after which our bands did a tone rehearsal, with the help of Ruud Borgers.

The bus for the friends and families, which was also organized, arrived at about 8 PM, and the gig officially started at about 9 PM. Our long-time member of the Rock School, teacher and project coordinator Emir Hasani opened the event with a short speech, where he also announced the donation box for anyone who would like to support our cause, as well as the free CDs that include a complilation of our bands’ studio recorded songs, that the visitors could take for free.

Afterwards, Emir announced the first and our newest band Rootless to open the gig. Check the photos below of all our bands on stage (thanks to Goran Jolovic):



Minor Chord:

Proximity Mine:

High Frequency:

The crowd was very supporting of all our bands, especially towards the end when they all danced and jumped in front of the stage, asking for encore and giving our bands more of the positive energy and a great atmosphere for everyone there.

This was definitely one of the most succesful events of our Rock School and we thank everyone for supporting us and helping us connect and make peace with music!